Friday, 1 May 2015

Raw Raspberry Chia seed jam

Enjoying a morning at home, kids at school and some well deserved time to myself. So while staring out in the garden and reflecting on life and what brings joy to your life, I realised how much I missed blogging. Last couple of years has been a challenge, with my twin boys autoimmune diseases, my own and life in general.
So why blogging!? Do I have something to share and does anybody care? I don't know, but maybe - just maybe someone is reading this out there and find some of this useful.

First cookbook to be pimped is Madelaine Shaw "Get the glow". Great recipes and beautiful photos. 
Well done Madelaine!

So this morning I decided to make from her book, the raw jam for my breakfast. Shop bought jams are often a sugar/fructose feast, attacking your blood sugar beyond believe. But this version is fresh and healthy. But of course pimped by me.

Raspberries and chia seed jam

Put 250 gram raspberries into a food processor/blender together with 1 Tbsp raw honey, 2 tsp stevia and some vanilla powder. Blend until smooth stire into this 2 Tbsp Chia seeds. As soon as the seeds is added, make sure it is well mixed in and pour into a kilner jar. Let the jam set for at least 15 min, then it is ready for smearing on bread, or mixing into yogurt.
Keep in fridge for 4 days, but don't worry it will be gone by then. Enjoy