Saturday, 1 May 2010

Blueberry Smoothie - Pimped!

Once or twice a week I make this delicious smoothie. You can make it summer or winter, the ingredients can be fresh or frozen.
I do have a "top of the range blender", it does need some watts/horse powers to get everything the right consistency.

250-300 ml milk of your choice Soy/oat/rice or normal milk, 1/3 cup Frozen or fresh blue berries, 1 tbsp golden linseed/flax seeds, 1 small fresh or frozen banana, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 scoop "whey to go" vanilla protein powder,1 tbsp liquorice root powder. In to the blender. Brzzzzz......

I buy my Liquorice powder in Denmark, but have found in "Holland & Barret" liquorice root tablets. Empty four capsules in to the smoothie. It just give a wonderful taste, that is maybe not for everyone. Liquorice root is so good for your adrenal glands.

This recipe is inspired from danish cookbook "Spis dig yngre" by Thorbjorg Hafsteinsdottir - pimped by me!

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