Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Haddock Carbonara

As a student I worked in an Italian restaurant "Pulcinella". One of my favorite dishes was "spaghetti carbonara", full of cream, bacon, tons of cheese and white pasta. The only thing green in this dish was the microscopic twig of parsley on the top.But the taste.....!!!

So last night I cooked my version to let my tastbuds walk down memory lane, whiteout the cholesterol attack. Taken from a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe "kipper carbonara" - pimped by me!

Haddock Carbonara

This is for two hungry people :

Steam 225 gr smoked undyed haddock for 18 min. Remove the skin and flake the fish.
Cook 250 gr Kamut pasta/Wholegrain pasta or gluten free. No white pasta!!!
Cook it as advised on the packet.
Pour into another pan, 1 small carton of "Oatly dairy free cream" or soy cream.
Heat it up slowly. Add a big bunch of chives finely chopped and some quality Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup. I don't do a lot of cheese, but even a small amount of Parmesan gives a lot of flavour.
Add the flaked fish to the sauce and let it simmer to slightly thicken.
Add lots of pepper, but be careful with the salt!
Put the pasta in to the sauce and whirled it around.
Separate to eggs, we are only going to use the yolks! Keep the whites in the fridge to use for something else. Whisk the yolks!
Now add the yolks to the pasta dish and be quick! Mix it in over the heat for only 2 min. This will keep it together and add the extra creamy texture.
If you have no issues with dairy products, you can as extra add a small amount of smoked cheese.

Very yummy! And very much comfort food. Enjoy!

If you are coeliac : The company "Hale & Hearty" do a very nice gluten free pasta.

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