Sunday, 5 December 2010

Best Glogg in the world - EVER!

This glogg recipe will leave you with rosy cheeks and a permanent smile for quite a while.
I got this recipe from an old danish magasine, but as always pimped by me - to be even better.

Your supposed to make this 2-3 weeks in advance, but who got time for that !? So a week or even a couple of days will do. Lets get started!!

1 brown lager/beer + 1/2 cup of honey, bring it to the boil - and leave to cool.
You will need a large Kilner jar for the next step. Add beer/honey mix to the jar.
And now we are going to add the lethal stuff!
Add 1/2 bottle of vodka or Snaps and 1/2 bottle of red port wine.
Now add the following spices : 3 vanilla pods, 3 whole nutmegs (crush them), 4 whole cinnamon pods,
1 Tbsp cloves, 1 Tbsp cardamon.
Lid on and and leave it for as long as you can bear it. Turn it around every day to mix it.
 When your ready. Put the mixture through a sieve and add 2 bottles of red wine into a pot.
You can add some slices of unvaxed organic oranges and some extra honey, this is all a matter of your taste.
Put it on gentle heat. DO NOT BOIL!
And then a Merry Christmas to you and your lucky guests!

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