Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fruit crumble topping

The weather is not brilliant at the moment and it makes me want to bake wintery stuff. So while we are waiting for spring to come back something to warm us up, here is a great version of a classic crumble.

This crumble topping is utterly delicious with rhubarbs, but can be used with apples, plums, pears etc.

Turn the oven on 175 degrees.

Chop 50 grams white (or dark chocolate) and 50 grams hazelnuts,if you have nut allergy you can use sunflower seeds.

100 grams oats, some real vanilla,50 gram Natural Molasses sugar, 125 grams butter or 60 grams coconut oil. 2 tbsp of flour, if coeliac use brown rice flour.

Mix all the ingredients with you finger into a sandy mixture. Then add the chocolate and nuts.

Cut up small 600 grams of the fruit of you choice + 2 tbsp of brandy or some other booze.You might have to add some sort of sugar, depending of which fruit you use. Not to much! Mix up and in to you pie dish. Add the crumble mixture and into the oven 25 min.

Eat it warm with ice cream, cream fraiche or other. I have it with Swedish Glace a lovely dairy free ice cream.

I have taken inspiration from a great danish vegetarian cookbook "Vegetarisk Vellyst" by Tina Scheftelowitz and Christine Bille Nielsen - Pimped by me.

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